Emir Izat bin Abdul Rashid

Selamat datang! My name is Emir and I am currently a senior research associate at the Centre for Technology, Strategy, and Sustainability (CTSS) at the Asia School of Business. I earned an MSc. in Political Science and Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics at the University of California, Los Angeles. I am also pursuing a MEc. Economics at the Universiti Putra Malaysia.

My research interest is in applied microeconomics especially in political economy. My research typically employs the use of economic models and combining them with statistical methods to study a variety of social science problems.

My current project at the CTSS is in the political economy of energy transition, as it represents a major obstacle in obtaining a low-carbon future. My current personal project is the study of elites in Malaysia – what is an elite in Malaysia? Who becomes one? What are the substantive effects of elite in politics and economics? My master’s dissertation at the LSE is analyzing the effects of anti-hopping laws on cross-ministry cooperation. I also organize the workshop for researchers at the Asia School of Business – anyone interested in presenting and/or attending the workshop, contact me via email.


New Working Paper Alert: Crazy Rich Malaysians: Datukship as Elite Identification

Research Workshop Schedule

On break for the summer – contact me via email if you are interested in presenting and/or attending in the fall!